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We’re proud to report that 100% of our graduates receive offers of admission from post-secondary institutions around the world. What opportunities await you?

Acceptance to university depends on the academic record, merit, motivation, honesty, and dedication of the student, with the support of the student’s parents.

Brookes supports students formulate and pursue their short range and long range goals by:

Getting to know students as individuals with interests and aspirations in formal and informal environments.

Providing equal access to career information and university opportunities for all students.

Preparing talks and activities that heighten a student’s self-knowledge in order for the student to make informed, realistic choices.


Creating opportunities for the students to access information about the diversity of the world of work.

Preparing activities that lead to an understanding of the relationship between school performance and future choices.

Encouraging students to register for standardized tests such as the IELTS and SATS (for US applications) for the university application process to provide students with multiple pathways for university entrance.

100% University Acceptance

Our University College Counsellors assist students and their families in every aspect of their college search by meeting one-on-one with each student, organizing university and college visits to the school, holding university and college information sessions and providing support with other services needed for admissions to universities around the world.

The Student Journey

Brookes Westshore provides a four-year academic and college planning program.

The counselor is available to meet with students regarding academic, college or personal issues. Students will meet with the counsellor on a regularly scheduled basis.

Students are welcome to request an appointment any time they have a question or concern. Parents and/or guardians are welcome to meet with the counsellor throughout the year as well.

Below is an outline of our four-year college planning process:

Career Advisement

Career advisement is an important part of the Brookes Westshore career and university planning model.

We focus on:

  • Actively engaging in student career planning using the MyBlueprint
  • Assessment tests
  • Advice from University College Guidance and Career Advisor
  • Parent conversations and at home discussions

The Value of an IB Education

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