Diploma Programme (DP)

Grades 11 and 12

Brookes Westshore is a fully authorised IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) school. The IB DP provides a holistic educational experience that heightens critical thinking skills and the joy of learning. Students flourish intellectually, physically, emotionally and ethically, and graduates continue to higher education feeling prepared and confident in themselves.

DP Chemistry
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Grade 11 Biology
Grade 11 Biology
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Grade 11 Study Block
Grade 11 Study Block
grade 11 Study
Grade 12 Art
Grade 12 Chemistry
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Thinking Together

Unique to the IB

Theory of Knowledge

This is a subject designed to explore and inquire into the different ways of knowing and different kinds of knowledge. This subject is scheduled to receive 100 hours of instruction over the 2 years of the programme.

Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is a 4000-word research paper that is started in the first year of the programme and completed in Sept/Oct of the second year. It is expected that students will complete a significant portion of the Extended Essay during the summer between year 1 and 2. Students will attend classes to support the development of their research questions, researching and developing the skills necessary to complete the writing process.


The CAS requirements of the programme are designed to provide a balanced approach to education and support the development of global mindedness and support for others less fortunate than ourselves. Students are supported in the planning and documentation of these activities and will be required to provide evidence of completion.

The IB DP emphasizes rigorous college preparation, across a two-year program across six subject areas. At the conclusion of the two-year program, students engage in external examinations and are awarded an IB diploma highly recognized by universities globally.

The Program

The program comprises of six subjects’ areas including:

Group 1: Language A – Studies in Language and Literature
  • English Literature
  • Self-taught Literature
Group 2: Language B - Language Acquisition
  • French ab initio
  • French B SL
  • English B HL
Group 3 - Individuals and Societies
  • Geography SL or HL
  • Economics SL or HL
  • Business Management SL or HL
Group 4: Sciences
  • Biology SL or HL
  • Chemistry SL or HL
  • Physics SL or HL
Group 5: Mathematics
  • Mathematics analysis and approaches SL or HL
  • Mathematics applications and interpretations SL or HL
Group 6: The Arts
  • Visual Art SL or HL
  • Extended Essay
  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Creativity, Action and Service

Program Requirements