Primary Years

Grade 4-5 Program

In 2020 Brookes Westshore introduced a Grade 4 and 5 programme. This programme offers local students a gateway to an IB education. Our primary programme will follow the BC Ministry curriculum while integrating an inquiry-based framework.

Joining Brookes Westshore in the primary years will prepare students to enter the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) from Grades 6-10 and Diploma Programme (DP) from Grades 11-12.

Our personalized classes foster a balanced, healthy learning environment matched with academic rigor in a caring and inclusive class setting.

New British Columbia (BC) Curriculum

Outdoor Education Program

  Recreation. Outdoor. Leadership. Education. 

  • Leading our students to an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle
  • Build a deeper connection within ourselves, each other & nature
  • Build confidence &  leadership skills by offering our students the opportunity to learn in and about  the outdoors, while also sparking interest in the environment, health and wellness
  • Taught in a safe environment by professional outdoor, health and wellness instructors
Age 9-11

Respect ourselves, each other & the environment

  • Leadership, team building, connecting youth to nature, outdoor awareness, outdoor activities, physical activities, day trips
Age 11-13

Respect the environment and community 

  • Leadership, species identifying, basic survival skills, leave no trace method, geography, biodiversity, day and overnight trips
Age 13-15

Respect the environment, community & globe

  • Leadership,team-building, basic survival skills, trip planning, orienteering, climate change, environmental action, certificates & multi day trips
Age 16-18

Respect for our globe & lead our youth! 

  • Leadership, critical thinking, survival skills, climate solutions, sustainability, global environmental issues, the planning of  multi day trips, certificates, post secondary programs relevant to ROLE Models