Programme Requirements

In order to receive the IB Diploma, students must fulfil the following requirements:

Completion of a Theory of Knowledge course
Completion of a 4,000-word research paper (Extended Essay)
Completion of the Creativity, Activity, and Service-learning program (CAS)
Enrolment in 3 higher level (HL) and 3 standard level (SL) courses
A total score of at least 24 points out of 45
Carry out three Higher Level (HL) (240 teaching hours) 
Carry three Standard Level (SL) classes (150 teaching hours)

What is TOK?

Theory of Knowledge


What is the Extended Essay?

Extended Essay



IB grading is distributed on a 1-7 scale, with 4 representing a passing score (equivalent to a C+) and 6 and 7 representing outstanding work (equivalent to an A and A+, respectively). The marking scheme for each subject is as follows:

Grade Descriptor
7 Excellent
6 Very good
5 Good
4 Satisfactory
3 Mediocre
2 Poor
1 Very poor