Meet Mr. Gary Ward

CAS Coordinator, Theory of Knowledge Teacher and Hiking Extraordinaire at Brookes Westshore

A leader in education, Mr. Gary Ward has over 26 years of experience in teaching and leadership. Originally from Texas, Mr. Ward earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Physics and his Master of Science in Physics from the University of North Texas.
Mr. Ward went on to receive his MBA, right here in the heart of British Columbia, from the University of Victoria. No stranger to the area, Mr. Ward has been with Brookes for the past two years. We sat down with Mr. Ward to discuss all things Brookes Westshore:

What attracted you to Brookes Westshore?

I had left an independent school and was asked by the Brookes Head of School if I was interested in teaching at the Shawnigan Lake campus. I already had experience working with the network, so I knew a little bit about it. I have seen the network develop and grow over time. When I spoke to the Head of School, it was clear that Brookes was a good fit for me because of how they care for the students.

What excites you most about being a part of the Brookes family and the Westshore adventure?

What always excites me at every school is seeing the students grow and become themselves. That is no different at Brookes Westshore. I am also excited to be working with an amazing group of colleagues that are so dedicated to student experience and learning.

In what ways have you seen the school grow and change?

Brookes Education Group has named Brookes Westshore the sole flagship school for Canada. Being a part of the transition from the Shawnigan Lake campus to the Westshore campus and moving to a growing and vibrant area, I have seen the significant increase in student population and opportunities

What teaching opportunities have you had at Brookes that you haven’t had anywhere else?

I have been trusted with being the CAS Coordinator and a TOK teacher. Both areas are unique to the IB Diploma curriculum – the core. I am growing as a teacher and as a person by being part of these great offerings.