Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have programs for ...sports?

Yes, however we haven’t yet confirmed our programs, and they will continue to change depending on the various skills of the faculty we hire. We would appreciate your input during this period of planning before the campus opens.

Will you offer financial assistance or scholarships?

Yes, scholarship funds have been allocated to the Westshore campus. We award scholarships based on academic achievement and on community-mindedness and ask that applicants write a short essay and submit a video that clearly demonstrates their activities in either area.

Will students wear a uniform?

Yes, students are required to wear a uniform to class. The basic uniform includes grey pants or kilt, a white shirt, a cardigan or blazer depending on grade level, with black shoes. There is also a P.E. kit of a red practice tee with black shorts, track pants and a hoodie. Uniform pieces may be ordered online for day students or through the school for boarding students.

What are the maximum number of students in a class?

We expect to have between 14 to 18 students per class. Our teaching spaces are built to hold a maximum of 20 students—no class can be larger than this.

What will you offer for learning support?

We will have The Key Learning Centre, which offers extra options like tutoring and EAL support. Learning Centre programs are an added cost to the student and vary with the need. Boarding students also have daily study hall available, allowing them to complete homework in a quiet environment with a teacher present for questions or advice.

Can a student switch from IB to BC Ministry?

All our classes are taught within the IB framework with content that runs in line with the BC curriculum. This means that a student always has the option to forego the IB exams and take the BC Provincial exams instead, graduating with a Dogwood Diploma in lieu of the IB Diploma.

Will you offer bus service?

We do not plan to offer a dedicated school bus service as our campus is on a main city bus route and also offers access to the Galloping Goose walking trail.

What will you offer for extra-curricular activities?

Our extra-curricular activities are covered under the CAS program within the IB. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, Service and is a requirement for all Diploma Programme students, but optional for Middle Years students. CAS is offered three times per week and includes a wide range of activities. You can expect a variety of recreational sports and fitness choices, artistic options like photography, Days for Girls and Art for Others, and service-oriented pursuits like Social Dance and Change Makers. We also expect to offer more formal activities like Model United Nations (MUN), U of W Math Competition, and Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots.