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Cat Advice with Cameron

Cat Advice with Cameron

by Cameron Rancher (Grade 8 student)

Many cat owners can take care of their cat, but some owners also have problems with their cats. I’m not a vet and I don’t specialize in cats, but I have many tips and tricks I use to train my cat, care for her, and make her happy.

First of all, keep your cat’s environment clean. The litter box must be cleaned once a day. If you are ever having problems with your cat making a mess somewhere, it is very plausible that their litter box is not clean enough.

This may seem gross, or you may not want to do it, but it is crucial. Remember, this is your cat’s home.

Second, letting your cat exercise. This is especially important for indoor cats. If your cat is an outdoor cat, they will likely get more exercise, but they should still be played with. If your cat is an indoor cat, it will be sitting around while you are busy or gone, not getting all that much exercise, and not hunting.

Cats by nature like to hunt. To stimulate this, you should play with your cat everyday. Ten to twenty minutes is a good amount of time a day, but it also depends on how much your cat wants to play.

To find a toy, there are many things you can do. You can make one yourself, or go down to a local pet store such as PetsMart. If you are interested in making your own, there are many cat videos to show you how. If you aren’t that ambitious, you can simply grab an old tie and let your cat play with that.

Some toys you will have to be careful of, such as toys with feathers and bells, because your cat may try to eat them! Some cats love feathers and bells, but they can be a choking hazard for cats if they are not careful, or are not supervised.

Third, making a home. Making your cat a home is crucial to their satisfaction. Most cats like to be up high, so there are many options for tall cat homes.

Ledges that can be fastened to a wall are great for this. If you don’t like the idea of screwing something to your wall, then a cat tree, or D.I.Y. cat home will also work. Once again, there are many videos online to teach you how to build a cat home.

Finally, training your cat to do tricks. This is not nearly as important as the other tips, but it does give you and your pet some time together.

For this, you will need your cat’s favourite treats, and a clicker which can be bought at a pet store. Say the command word you will use, and show them the hand signal you will use. Let the cat do the trick (if it is something simple like: “come here”) and use the clicker once they do it.

If it is something harder to do, lightly direct your cat to do it. As soon as they do it, click, and give them a treat. Repeat this about five to ten times a day, and soon your cat will be a professional.

Follow these tips to catify your home, and give your cat a purrfect routine.