Update 6: Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents,

This has been an unprecedented week in the life of our school, our community and indeed the world. I wanted to reach out and thank you all for your patience and understanding as we have worked through the implications of the ongoing crisis for our staff and students. Rest assured we have been keeping up to date with the latest information from our government and health agencies, as well as adapting our procedures to meet the demands of the latest guidance.

You will have received our ongoing school updates through ManageBac this week. You can review all our updates here: https://westshore.brookes.org/coronavirus-covid-19-comprehensive-update/
where you will also find a set of useful links to further information at the bottom of the page.

Our staff are working hard to prepare for the new term and the demands of online learning. I am fully confident that we will offer your children a comprehensive and engaging educational experience from the start of term. Our teachers have stepped up to the challenge with their usual energy and passion and are busy sharing best practice, past experience and additional tools to make sure that we are ready and able to deliver for your children.

Early next week we will be sending you a booklet on Brookes E-Learning. It will provide a summary of how we will be conducting online classes as well as some guidance on how you can support your child with E-Learning.

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding at this difficult time. Our priority, as always, is the health and safety of our students and staff and we deeply appreciate your support. Please keep safe and well wherever you are.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Jerry Salvador
Head of School