Update #2: e-Learning and School Closure

10 March 2020 

Update on Potential School Closure 

While there has yet to be a confirmed case of COVID-19 on Vancouver Island, we are working on contingency plans in the event the Ministry of Education orders the closure of schools on Vancouver Island as a public health measure; or, for some unforeseen reason, we deem it necessary to close the school in the interests of our community’s health and wellness. 

If Brookes Westshore School closes prior to the reopening of the school on Saturday March 28th (the end of the Spring Break holiday), the following protocols will be put in place: 

  • No students will be able to return to the school 
  • Parents and guardians will be responsible for arranging for appropriate accommodation and support for students 

E-Learning During Potential Closure 

To maintain academic progress and ensure continued learning for students, we will provide online learning through ManageBac and Microsoft Teams. Prior to departure on Spring Break, teachers will do one online practice lesson at each grade level to ensure students understand the process. 

Lessons will follow the timetable and teachers will be available to conference via Teams as part of their support. All assignments and tasks will be posted on ManageBac. 

Technical support will be available at helpdesk@westshore.brookes.org