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Jr. Leadership Council Supports Homeless Youth and the Out of the Rain Cause

Recently, the Junior Leadership Council committed to provide a hot meal to the youth that attend the Out of the Rain shelter.  They were looking for ways to help in their community and connected with Out of the Rain.

Run by Beacon Community Services, Out of the Rain is open to youth from 15-25 years old who do not have a safe place to sleep at night.

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, our Jr. Leadership Students and student volunteers lead by Ms. Moroz gathered together, combining their culinary skills to cook a dinner for individuals sheltered by Out of the Rain. When asked what they thought of their experience, they said:

“I like the idea of knowing that I am helping kids who need food and a place to stay.” – Kalina (Grade 6)

“It’s really nice to help people who need food, and I think it’s a really good service act to the community”- Eliana (Grade 6)

“You feel good because you know that you are helping somebody that is feeling homeless or scared” – Mackenzie (Grade 6)

Not only has our Jnr. Leadership lead the way, but also clubs in our school have joined to support. Our Tuesday cooking club has baked cookies, Ms. Bayes donated ingredients towards the meals as well as been integral in teaching our students how to make her famous sweet and sour sauce! Also, Mr. Scott for assisting us in the delivery of the home made goods.

If you are interested in learning more about Out of the Rain, please contact them and ask more about their program.  http://outoftherainvictoria.ca