Global Transfer Program


International schools worldwide continue to feel the effects of Covid-19 and global education is actively finding solutions to navigate and adapt teaching and learning.

Brookes Westshore has developed a program which aims to bridge the gap for those students who have been displaced during the pandemic and wish to further their edu- cation with a leading global network of schools.

Where do I apply?

All applications go through Brookes Moscow Open Apply:

For more information:

Courses Offered Online

Brookes Westshore offers all courses in both SL or HL. Students are able to select course level in their second year.

Group Subject
1 English Literature, Chinese Literature
2 English B, French
3 Business Management, Economics
4 Chemistry, Biology, Physics
5 Mathematics: analysis and approaches, Mathematics: application and interpretation
6 Visual Arts or another class from Groups 3 or 4

How much does the online course cost?

Registration Fee (non-refundable) 2,000 CAD
Online fees for 1-year 20,000 CAD